Connecting hot tub to RCD and CONSUMER PANEL

Have a licensed electrician run the required 230-volt power line to the spa installation site. This power line must be permanently connected (hard-wired) to the mains supply. Do not use extension cords or plug-in type connections. At the site where the spa is to be located leave 5 meters of cable and the appropriate cable gland. Connect as follows: 1. Consumer Panel (RCD Protected) to 2. Outside isolation switch to 3. Hot tub Control box

1. Consumer Panel (RCD Protected)

2. Outside isolation switch

3. Hot tub Control box

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to supply the recommended power will void the Manufacturer’s Warranty! The power supplied for all spas must be a brown (live) wire protected dedicated supply. To connect your spa follow these instructions: Ensure that the power supply is shut off prior to connection. To be done by qualified electrician and meet required electrical standards:

  • All hot tubs must be wired with the appropriate sized wiring. Failure to do so will cause equipment damage and will not be covered by your warranty
  • All hot tubs must be protected with a appropriately sized RCD (Residual Current Device) in the consumer panel.
  • Additional items needed to help complete electrical connection:1. RCD Breaker, 2. Electrical cable (check length and width for amperage and distance), 3. Cable gland. 4. Tidy clips
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