Creating a hot tub landscape

Create your own private garden spa

Once you have made the decision to add a hot tub to your garden, the next step is
to complete the scene with a landscape that suits your needs and creates colour
and interest, without requiring too much maintenance in order to enjoy your
private spa.

There are many different types of architectural and landscape materials available such as stone, brick, wood, simulated wood made from synthetic materials, foliage, shrubbery, water fountains or waterfalls, or fencing and hot tub enclosures.

Decking with contemporary furniture around your spa retreat







So what makes a good garden spa landscape:

  • A private and enclosed hot tub
  • Boundary walls softened by planting
  • Generous paved areas with grass neatly edged
  • Contemporary layout, ornaments and garden furniture

Locate your hot tub in a sheltered private part of the garden so that you can relax at leisure. Paving or decking next to hot tubs is comfortable on the feet but make sure it can dry out well and does not become slippery. Where possible site decking in a sunny position.

Use smooth but non-slip concrete, paving stones or hard bricks, which will absorb the heat of the sun during the day and retain warmth.

Adding a Fraser gazebo means you can enjoy your spa all year round - come rain or shine!


Enhance your home spa with this Canadian Spa freestanding gazebo (3 x 3 metre).

Gazebos can create a safe, warm environment so that you can enjoy your spa all year round!

Complete your hot tub purchase by turning your home and garden spa into a home resort. This Fraser bar kit gazebo allows guests who are not in the hot tub to interact. The gazebo includes a bar counter 


Another landscaping and backyard planning aspect to acknowledge is lighting. Does your backyard have a sufficient amount of lighting including a well lit pathway? Create your own mood lighting to a great ambience.

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