Custom made spa covers

Custom made spa covers – FAQS

Q. Can I just order my hot tub cover with the make and model of my spa?

A. Spa manufacturers are constantly modifying their spas and molds. We have templates for hundreds of the most popular spas, but your measured dimensions are the most accurate and ensure a proper fit to your hot tub cover!

Q. Should I measure my old cover or my hot tub?

A. If you like the way your cover fits, measure the cover. However, if your current cover is warped or damaged in any way, we recommend you measure your hot tub. The covers have a tendency to shrink over time, so measuring the hot tub is the best way to get the correct measurements and a hot tub cover that fits perfectly.

Q. Where should I measure?

A. Measure the length and width, AT THE WIDEST POINT of the acrylic lip of the hot tub. Be sure to measure to the outside edge so the cover will lie across the entire lip of the tub. Round up every measurement to the nearest half inch. To be extra safe, add one inch to the dimension to give a half inch margin on each side. Most manufacturers will provide spa shapes with dimension lines on the illustration. BE SURE to note where the measurement lines start and end for the spa shape you selected, then measure those dimensions. The general rule is: if a cover is a little too big, it will fit fine. If it is a little too small, it won’t be a cover.

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