Delivering your Canadian Spa hot tub

Delivery access: Allow at least 40cm height for the trolley and a minimum of 5cm clearance on each side of the hot tub


Choose your location

When thinking about where to position your hot tub, you should consider:

  • The view from the house to the spa, and the view from the spa itself. Ensure quick and easy access from your house to the spa.
  • Direction of drainage. Water should always drain away from the spa. Do not locate your spa in a low run-off area – rain water
    could flood the area and cause pump and equipment damage.
  • If you are installing the spa within a deck, the entire spa base must be sitting directly on the prepared base. The lip of the shell must not support any weight.
  • The spa should not be located near or under overhead wires and must be kept clear of all electrical appliances.
  • IMPORTANT: The minimum clearance for entry to the spa’s access panel for servicing is 1 metre.

Pre-delivery  considerations:

  • If access to your garden is restricted you may want to consider removing a fence panel from your garden fence or creating an opening in order to deliver your spa to your preferred location at your home.
  • IMPORTANT: Check the size of your spa can fit through your property’s gate or other access points before your order. For safe and non-intrusive installation, the hot tub is usually transported on its side on a trolley, we require an opening not less than the size of your spa plus at least 40cm height for the trolley and a minimum of 5cm clearance on each side. If your access does not meet these conditions, or in the case of other obstacles (steps, fences, walls, steep hills, etc.) contact Canadian Spa Company for advice. (see Canadian Spa hot tub sizes below).
  • Crane hire: In special circumstances you may need to consider the hire of a crane in order to lift the spa over your property or other obstacles. Please contact Canadian Spa if you need further advice on specialist assistance.

Planning permission

Under normal circumstances planning permission is not required, but we recommend consulting your local planning office prior to purchase.

Pre-delivery preparation

  • The site you select for your spa must be a flat
    surface that contacts the bottom of your spa completely.
  • Spas weigh between 900kg and 1,400kg when full,
    therefore a solid support is essential. A 10-15cm thick reinforced concrete
    slab is ideal, but not a requirement. In most cases your spa can be placed on a
    properly fitted existing patio. Your spa can be mounted on a deck, but it must
    be of solid construction. Either way, it is recommended you install your spa at
    ground level to allow easy internal access.
  • The base needs to be at least the same size as the
    footprint of your spa (see Canadian Spa hot tub sizes below)
  • The power supplied must be a dedicated RCD
    protected circuit. You will need to get a qualified electrician to undertake
    this work (check spa for Amp requirement).
  • Plug and play models plug directly into a 13Amp

Canadian Spa hot tub sizes:

  • Yukon Plug & Play: 79″ x 40″ x 30″ (200cm x 100cm x 74cm)
  • Quebec Plug & Play: 79″ x 59″ x 32″ (200cm x 150cm x 80cm)
  • Winnipeg Plug & Play: 79″ x 79″ x 32″ (200cm x 200cm x 80cm)
  • Toronto: 84″ x 84″ x 33″ (213cm x 213cm x 82cm)
  • Thunder Bay: 87″ x 87″ x 34″ (220cm x 220cm x 85cm)
  • Niagara: 90″ x 90″ x 39″ (228cm x 228cm x 99cm)
  • Vancouver: 90″ x 90″ x 35″ (228cm x 228cm x 87cm)
  • Victoria: 87″ x 87″ x 34″ (220cm x 220cm x 85cm)
  • Alberta: 83″ x 83″ x 34″ (211cm x 211cm x 85cm)
  • Halifax: 84″ x 64″ x 34″ (213cm x 160cm x 85cm)
  • Montreal: 84″ x 64″ x 34″ (213cm x 160cm x 85cm)
  • St Lawrence 13’ Sport Pool: 154″ x 90″ x 54″ (390cm x 230cm x 140cm)
  • St Lawrence 16’ Swim Spa: 197″ x 90″ x 54″ (500cm x 230cm x 140cm)
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