Does my Grand Rapids spa carry a manufacturers warranty ?

Canadian Spa Co. Manufacturing extends the following warranties to the original purchasers of its portable spas.

  • Vinyl warranty (1 year)
  • Plumbing warranty (1 year)
  • Equipment warranty (1 year)

Extent of Warranty: This limited Warranty applies to portable spas manufactured after May 1, 2014 and sold by authorised Canadian Spa Co. dealers to residential retail customers. This Limited Warranty is given only to the first retail purchaser and terminates upon transfer of ownership.

No warranty is provided on filters or any dealer installed accessories.

Cost of installation, removal and/or shipping of the spa is not covered by this Limited Warranty. In the event Canadian Spa Co. deems necessary the removal of the spa to a place of repair or that the spa must be replaced, any and all costs of the spa removal and replacement; landscaping, decking, fencing and/or structure removal, alteration and/or replacement; or other costs of providing access to the spa will be for the purchaser.

This Warranty applies only to spas in single family, residential installations. This Limited Warranty becomes void if the spa is placed in a commercial application.

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