Does your hot tub cover need replacing

Unless the damage is obvious, like a tear in the vinyl, other damage to covers can be difficult to detect. Here are some indications that your hot tub cover needs replacing:

Heaviness: If your cover is becoming difficult to lift, it may be time to replace it. Air pockets inside the foam cover can fill with moisture from the steam of your hot tub and become water logged. This can lead to other problems and prevent your cover from functioning properly.

Mould growth: Moisture inside your hot tub cover can cause mould. If you see mould anywhere on your cover, it’s time for a replacement.

Damage to the vinyl: Exposure to the sun and other elements can cause damage to the vinyl of your cover. Over time, the vinyl can become dry or cracked. This is often fixed by replacing the vinyl or inner plastic cover. It can also cause moisture to build up in the cover and mould to form.

If your hot tub cover shows signs of age or degradation it means that you need to purchase a new cover – to order a new hot tub cover contact Canadian Spa.

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