Draining your hot tub using the drain valve


1. Start by shutting off the breaker connected to your spa

2. Open the drain valve located at the side of the spa and let the water drain out. This valve has a straightforward locking mechanism that stops the water from flowing out while you attach a garden hose to the cap. Here are the steps to operate your valve:

3. With the valve extended, unscrew the cap from the middle of the valve.

4. Screw in the male end of the garden hose to the valve and run the hose to your drain location. When ready, push the valve back in and twist it to empty the water from the spa.

5. Once the water has stopped flowing out of the drain valve, use the wet/dry vacuum to suck out any remaining water from each jet head (NOTE: If your spa is equipped with a blower, briefly turn the power to the spa back on and run the blower for 10 seconds to remove excess water, shut off the power when finished).

6. Twist valve and pull out to CLOSE.

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