Features to look for when choosing your spa

Features to look for when choosing your spa:

  • Multi-level seating – different jets provide a new spa experience in each seating position.
  • Body contoured lounger shaped for comfort and support so you can lay down and really relax.
  • Powerful water pumps ranging from 2hp up to 10hp
  • Electronic control pad – for temperature, filter cycles, water jets, air jets and lights.
  • Heater to keep your spa at a constant 40°C or 104°F
  • Hard top 5”/3” tapered cover with 8 straps, 6 handles and a fully hinged steam seal. Cover is custom fit to minimize operating costs and maintain maximum safety
  • Ozone cleaning system – an ultraviolet light system acts to automatically ozonate the water at regular intervals, which disinfects and kills bacteria in the water
  • Interactive jets – can be easily manipulated to blow heated air and heated water in varying combinations for different effects of massage.
  • Aromatherapy unit -built in unit as part of the hot air blower system or on its own to capture the power of scent to enhance relaxation and improve your overall state of mind.
  • Steps for easy access to the spa.
  • LED Light with changeable blue/red/green LEDs to create the mood of your choice.
  • Chemical kit to keep water clean and fresh.
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