Filling your spa/hot tub

FILLING YOUR SPA – Pre-Operational Check List:

1. Check that the filter(s) are installed.

2. Check that the skimmer basket is installed.

3. Check that the weir is installed.

4. Remove the spa access panel

5. Check that the electrical connections are correct and secure.

6. Check that the gate valves in the suction and discharge lines are in the open position. For plunger type valves ensure that the handle is in the fully up position. For Ball valve type shut off valves ensure the handle is in line with the water pipe.

7. Check that the spa drain valve is closed (Hose Bib).

8. Check all unions and fittings to ensure they are hand tight.

9. Place garden hose in filter intake (see photograph above) and fill from cold water line. (Fill until water is approx. 6 inches or 15 cm. from overflowing)

10. Watch for leaks while filling. Sometimes fittings loosen during transport and installation.

11. Shut water off and remove garden hose.

12 Turn on the power.

13. Once pump has started ensure water is flowing freely in the spa.

14. Keep cover on, latched, and locked at all times when the spa is not in use.

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