Getting your hot tub ready for Springtime

Prepare your spa for springtime

One of the key tasks  in spa maintenance is preparing your hot tub for the spring and summer time. It is good practice to inspect your hot tub and hot tub cover for damage caused by the elements.

Here is some general tips for inspecting your spa (always refer to your Instruction Manual for maintaining your hot tub) :


  • If there is any water in the hot tub, remove it. Ideally, you did this when you shut down your hot tub before winter. After the winter season inspect your cover for any leaks or cracks caused by snow or rain.
  • Inspect the pump, valves, pipes, and filter casing. Ensure that there are no splits or cracks. If any of these parts are damaged, replace them.
  • Thoroughly clean your hot tub filter and hot tub shell.
  • Fill the hot tub. As you do, keep a close eye on it, checking for leaks or cracks which may not have be visible on first inspection.
  • Start up your hot tub and make sure that all controls are properly working. It’s better to discover any problems now rather than to discover a problem with your hot tub when you were hoping to use it.
  • Add and adjust chemicals to the water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
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