Grab a Mocktail to rehydrate in the hot tub

Using your hot tub for longer soaks can dehydrate you. Having plenty of refreshments for rehydration is important. Water can quench your thirst, however it can be rather dull, especially during a hot tub party.

Conventional fruity cocktails, will generally make for great mocktails during a hot tub party simply by removing the booze.

Virgin Pina Coladas could be created by mixing 2 parts coconut cream with 7 parts pineapple juice, mixed well and served over ice. Pina Coladas can definitely bring out that tropical theme.

A blender can be a critical accessory for cocktail creation. Blended fruit is a solid foundation for an alcohol free variant on more traditional cocktails. Daiquiris you can make using blended fruit include; raspberry, kiwi and apple. Just crush the ice and add a squirt of lime. Pour and mix this with lemonade and tonic water into a cocktail glass till you get the consistency right.

Create visually stunning cocktails by serving with layered fruit. If you make sure you add the heavier layers (the ones with the most sugar content) first, this will ensure the layers stay separate.

Add fruit from a blender, lemon syrup or grenadine to the cocktail glass bottom and topping up the glass with fruit juices e.g. grapefruit , passion fruit or mango.

More cool factor? Add a third of carefully poured sugar free fizzy drink on top. Make sure not to mix the layers by pouring slowly over the back of a spoon to stop the liquid from combining.

A creative way of serving your mocktails can make all the difference. Push the edge of your cocktail glasses on a slice of orange and dip the rim in sugar to give a frosted effect. Apply a fruit slice and your hot tub party is ready to begin.

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