Grand Rapids Assembly Guide

1. Lay out your spa base with your Control unit pump

This 4 person inflatable spa is one of the deepest in the market enabling neck and shoulders to receive a full massage. The product includes an ‘easy to operate’ control unit with integrated filter. Here’s how you assemble this portable spa:




2. Connect the inflation hose to the adapter on Control Unit pump.

3. To inflate the spa - plug the spa into the electrical power outlet. Switch on power and press the ‘test’ button on the RCD.

4. The spa has 3 inflation ports…1…2…3 which are used to inflate the spa chambers

5. Insert the inflation hose into Port 1 to inflate the first chamber.

6. Press the Massage button to inflate the first spa chamber. Press the Massage button again to stop inflation. Then screw in the cap and zip up the port cover. Note: Do not over inflate the chamber. Lastly, inflate the 2nd and 3rd chambers using the previously described ‘inflation process’. Once this stage is completed your spa is fully inflated.

7. Make sure the Drain outlet is extended for future access/drainage. Make sure the Drain cap is tightened before filling with water.

8. Inflatable Spa cover/lid: Next inflate your spa cover. Ensure you connect the inflation hose to the control unit before inflating.

9. Push in the inflation adapter into the cover port and attach the inflation hose.

10. Press the Massage button to inflate (Press the Massage button again to stop inflation). Note: Do not over inflate the chamber.

11. Then replace stopper cap ensuring it is recessed into the liner.

12. Flip the cover over

13. Detach the inflation hose from the control unit.

14. Next align the connectors to the appropriate input port on the spa as highlighted (see symbols for correct alignment).

15. Screw in the connectors and attach to the relevant outlet on the control unit.

16. On the inside of the spa there is and internal drain port. Make sure the stopper cap is inserted before filling spa with water.

17. Next place a garden hose in the spa and fill with cold water until reaching water level indicator printed on the spa inner wall. Note: Do not fill with hot water as this will effect the preset thermostat settings. To heat your spa: Press the temperature setting button to set an appropriate temperature. Press the heating button to heat the water.

18. Place the Thermal Cover on to the water then put the lid on while the spa is heating.

19. Locking the buckle on the spa cover. Press the sides of the buckle, push together to lock the buckle. Press the sides of the buckle, to unlock the buckle

20. When the spa reaches the desired temperature Unlock the spa cover buckles and remove the cover

21. Remove the Thermal Cover before enjoying your spa

22. Draining the spa: Ensure the power is switched off.

23. Attach the threaded outlet caps (x3) to the inner wall of the spa

24. To drain the water unscrew the drainage outlet cap. Then remove the Stopper cap from the inside of the spa wall. You are now ready to enjoy your spa.

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