Hot tub chemical treatment maintenance

Proper chemical maintenance helps to keep your water clean and safe, whilst protecting your spa equipment and components. This prolongs your spa’s life and gets you the most out of your purchase.

What we suggest is to read the label on the back of the bottle to determine the manufacturer’s recommended usage, as they usually provide the best answers to your questions. Remember: hot tub size, environmental conditions, and spa usage all affect the amount of chemicals to use in your spa. We recommend the following chemical maintenance regime for your hot tub (this is for guidance only):


Fill spa with fresh water through the skimmer basket. Do not use water from a water softener. Before adding chemicals, it is important to find out your spa’s water capacity in litres (see list of Canadian Spa hot tub capacities below)

  1. Add 60 ml (2 oz) of  Scale Control (scale Inhibitor) per 1000 litres (264 Gallons).
  2. Once the spa has sufficient water for circulation, turn on power.
  3. Add 30 ml (1 oz) of Spa Clear per 1000 litres (264 Gallons).
  4. Using the test strips, balance pH to 7.2-7.6, Total alkalinity to 80- 150 ppm.
  5. Add a chlorine tablet to  floating dispenser or Chlorine granules directly into water


  1. The spa must be left powered up at all times!
  2. Test and maintain ideal levels of pH, Alkalinity, and Chlorine using the test strips.


  1. Add 30 ml (1 oz) of Scale Control (scale Inhibitor) per 1000 litres (264 Gallons)while water is circulating.
  2. Add 30 ml (1 oz) of Spa Clear per 1000 litres (264 Gallons).
  3. Test and maintain ideal levels of pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine using the test strip.


  1. Calcium and organic waste can build up on the filter. Use Filter Clean every month to prolong the life of the filter. Immerse your filter in a bucket of warm water with Filter Clean overnight (TIP: It is strongly recommended that you purchase a spare cartridge to use in place of your first filter, this will  avoid having to shut down your spa until the first filter is dry (it is advisable to rotate filters on a monthly basis allowing full flow of water through the filter). 
  2. If foam appears, squirt a small amount of Defoamer on the area.
  3. We recommend you drain your spa every 3 months to ensure water purity.
  4. * Important Note: In hard water areas use two to three times the recommended amount of stain and scale inhibitor (Control).

Canadian Spa hot tub types by volume of water Litres / Gals:

  • Yukon: 455 litres (120 Gals)
  • Quebec: 645 litres (170 Gals)
  • Montreal: 795 litres (210 Gals)
  • Halifax: 835 litres (220 Gals)
  • Winnipeg: 895 litres (236 Gals)
  • Toronto: 980 litres (259 Gals)
  • Alberta: 1150 litres (304 Gals)
  • Thunder Bay: 1273 litres (336 Gals)
  • Victoria 1230: litres (325 Gals)
  • Vancouver: 1260 litres (333 Gals)
  • Niagara: 1465 litres (387 Gals)
  • St Lawrence (13’): 5250 litres (1387 Gals)
  • St Lawrence (16’): 6475 litres (1710 Gals)
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