Hot tub chemicals: Tablets vs Granules

There are two common methods of adding chlorine to your spa, whether it is through the use of tablets or the addition of granules. Each one can be used effectively and will achieve the same outcome. The various advantages between the two types are outlined below.

Chlorine tablets vs granules

Chlorine Tablets Chlorine Granules
Adding to hot tub Place tablets inside a floating dispenser Add capfuls
Absorption method Variably controlled by dispenser Granules are absorbed quicker as more surface area is exposed
Quantity measurement Difficult to measure as tab will slowly dissolve at inconsistent rate Easily measured by the capful
Convenience Much easier as floating dispenser takes care of the work Requires a consistent schedule to add chlorine to spa
Cost Initial cost for floating dispenser, otherwise same Same as tablets

Overall we would recommend that you regularly monitor the maintenance of your spa, and keep track of the amount of chlorine that you use.

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