Hot tub cinema

Getting wet at Hot tub cinema


Swift Current 'foam walled' portable spa

Grand Rapids inflatable spa

The Muskoka 'rigid' walled portable spa

Looking for a new cinema going experience then try the latest craze hitting London and New York – the hot tub cinema!

You can book a private tub for up to 6 people (a private hot tub typically costs in the region of £200 plus the cost of your cinema tickets). When you arrive you can exchange cash for tokens to buy drinks etc.

So if you feel like stripping down to your beach wear and sharing a ‘tub’ with your friends or even riskier sharing with complete strangers then check out the ‘hot tub cinema’. The organisers don’t sell single tickets and recommend you book in with ‘your buddies’ at least that way you know who you’re getting into hot water with!

If you are not in the mood to exhibit yourself at a public screening then consider buying a portable hot tub from Canadian Spa. We have several models to choose from including the Grand Rapids, Swift Current and The Muskoka, portable spas.

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