Hot Tub Drain Replacement

IMPORTANT: SWITCH OFF ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BY DISCONNECTING THE PLUG AT THE SOCKET OR ISOLATION SWITCH. Please contact a qualified electrician if you need assistance or contact us at Canadian Spa

Tools needed: Drill, Grips (Optional)

Step 1: Drain water from your hot tub

Step 2: Remove hot tub panels above the drain

Step 3: Unscrew nut that holds pipe to back of drain (this can be done by hand – if not use a pair of Grips)

Step 4: Undo large nut holding drain to panel

Step 5: Fit new drain to panel & tighten up large nut tight (using Grips if required)

Step 6: Make sure the ‘O’ Ring is fitted to back of drain before fitting (Hose and union – ensure this tight)

Step 7: Outer nut on drain needs to be out in order to shut drain off (if pushed in the drain will remain open)

Step 8: Refill spa with water to required level.

Step 9: Turn on electrics//power to spa

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