Hot Tub – Experience Aromatherapy

Add aromatherapy beads to your hot tub to create a beautiful fragrance

Many people enjoy the relaxation benefits that essential oils and aromatic compounds can provide through aromatherapy, and each Aurora spa we offer comes equipped with this ability. To take advantage of this function, purchase some Aromatherapy beads in your favourite scent and place them inside the aromatherapy canister.

Be sure to keep the beads in the mesh bag to ensure that the scents are properly released. These aromatherapy beads feed into the air line of the spa, and with a heated air blower they will release out of the jets if the air venturi valve is open (if you do not have a heated air blower, loosen the cap about a quarter turn and they will release into the air). Impress your guests with your aromatherapy hot tub and treat them to a complete therapeutic experience.

Important: When you have finished adding your aromatherapy beads make sure your Aromatherapy valve is closed tight – if it is open it will still be drawing air and causing the spa water to bubble.

Also please ensure the valve has the ‘O’ Ring in place – if not this will also cause the spa to continue bubbling.

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