Hot tub features as standard

Hot tub features as standard

When we build a spa, we build with all the options and features as standard, including:

• Perimeter lighting: Perimeter ‘waterline’ lighting and cascading LED-backlit waterfall(s) plus a large under water LED safety light to help users enter/exit the spa.

• MP3 System: All our acrylic spas come equipped with a set of water-resistant speakers that can play music from any device with a standard (3.5mm) headphone jack. Illuminated speakers slowly rise and retract from their housing designed to make them look seamless part of the overall design of the spa.

• Adjustable jets: Our spa jets are adjustable allowing you to individually target specific muscle groups with varying pressures. They are easy to grip especially if you suffer from arthritis. The directional, rotational or twin rotational jets allow you to find the exact massage style to suit your needs.

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