Hot Tub Focus: St Lawrence 13′ Swim spa

Canadian Spa sport pool - ideal for exercise and relaxation

The St Lawrence 13’ Sport Pool for the ultimate exercise. Our new sport pool offers you the very best in aqua fitness.

The unique jet system provides controllable resistance for swimming and aqua aerobics.

Relax and enjoy one of five therapeutic areas including our stand-up massage. The spa features 3 x pumps, air blower, 2 waterfalls, ozone, 200sqft filter, LED lighting system, galvanised steel frame and 2-part cover and swim training pole.

Unique swim lane system

The St. Lawrence swim spa is a swimmer’s dream delight! River Jet technology and a full body lounger to unwind. With 5 Swim Jets – 3 resistance and 2 swim-profile adjusting jets, creating the Canadian Spa unique Swim Lane System. The swim jets create currents from a gentle flow – perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises.

After a good swim, relax with a soothing massage in one of the two multi-jet Captain’s Chairs at the spa ends or 2 bench seats.

New swim trainer uses resistance bar and harness for a rigorous workout

Special features:

  • 39 Adjustable Hydro-Massage Hurricane water jets, stainless-steel accented
  • Tri (3) Core Pump system
  • Heated air blower
  • Oversized pipe work
  • Tailored Air Controls (Venturies) for added pressure
  • St Lawrence Sport Pool Jet Breakdown (51 jets)
  • 3 River Jets (Turbo T alignment)
  • Shoulder & Neck Jets x 12
  • Back Jets x 11
  • Hip Jets x 10
  • Leg Jets x 3
  • Foot Jets x 0
  • Heated Air Jets x 12
  • 3.0 kW Balboa heater with smart sensors (shuts off heater within half a centigrade)
  • High-quality tough triple layer insulation package
  • Active Motor heat-retention
  • Aurora™ Premium Mood LED Lighting system
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