Hot tub glossary A-F

Acrylic: Many/most hot tub shells are made out of this durable synthetic material.

Air Flow Control: Adjust the massage action and jet pressure by changing the air flow.

Aromatherapy unit: built in unit as part of the hot air blower system to capture the power of scent to enhance relaxation and improve your overall state of mind.

Cartridge filter: Consisting of a cylinder of pleated fabric with end caps, filters are used to trap debris and dirt before they reach the spa water

Chlorine: When added to spa water, chlorine acts as an oxidizer, sanitizer, disinfectant, and all-around bio-cidal agent, killing algae and bacteria in the spa water

Circuit Board: The electronic brains of a spa, containing relays, contactors, and connecting to all other electrical components

Circuit breaker: A switch that allows you to manually override an electrical circuit. Circuit breakers automatically break the circuit when it detects harmful fluctuations in the electrical. In the UK, a Residual-Current Device (RCD) combines the functions of overcurrent protection and leakage detection. In North America a RCD is known as a Ground Fault Circuit Interupter (GFCI)

Circulation Pump: This is the pump that pulls water from the spa and pushes it through filters before returning it to the spa.

Control Panel: Allows you to adjust your spa’s settings such as temperature, jets and lighting.

Cover: Most hot tub covers are made of an insulating material that is covered with vinyl. The cover helps retain heat, keeps debris out of the water and when properly locked(!), can keep children and animals from getting into your hot tub

Cover Lifter: Eliminates the need to drag/pull your spa cover off of your spa before using it. It saves your back and helps prevent unnecessary damage to your spa’s cover.

Cover Guard: Woven Polyethylene spa cover which prevents deterioration caused by sunlight and weather

Diverter Valve: An adjustable valve that controls the flow of water from the spa jets.

Effective Filtration Area: The total area in square footage of the filter capable of filtering water.

Filter: Remove impurities from the hot tub water by pumping it through a porous medium such as polyester fibre.

Filtration (Water): For complete flow-through purification using a single or dual canister filter system.

Foam Insulation: Typically sprayed on the underside of a spa cabinet to help retard the loss of heat escaping through the shell.

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