Hot tub Glossary R-Z

Return Inlet: The fitting through which water returns into a spa from the circulating pump.

Safety Cover: A spa cover which meets ASTM standards for strength, construction, and anchoring.

Sanitiser: A product used to kill bacteria or other micro-organisms in spa water. EPA recognized sanitizers approved for spas are chlorine, bromine, and biguanide.

Seating Capacity: The total number of designated seats in the spa.

Skimmer: Helps remove large debris (i.e. leaves) from the water’s surface so they don’t reach the filter and clog it.

Spa Pack: An integrated unit consisting of electronic or mechanical controls, which may include a water pump, GFCI and other devices.

Suction Outlet: The fitting, often near the skimmer, through which the water is drawn from the spa.

Test Kit: A set of chemical solutions and color references for testing pH, total alkalinity and sanitizer levels of spa water.

Test Strips: Paper strips used to measure spa water pH and other chemical balances

Topside Controls: A set of button or knob switches for controlling a spa’s pump, jets, heater, and other features.

Valves: Devices placed on plumbing lines to direct, restrict or obstruct water flow such as the diverter valves used with spa jets.

Venturi: A tube with a tapering constriction in the middle that causes an increase in the velocity of flow of a fluid and a corresponding decrease in fluid pressure. In spas, Venturi fittings with side drafts are sometimes used to introduce air into jet features, and to pull ozone from Ozonators into the spa water.

Water Capacity: The total number of gallons of water your spa can contain

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