Hot tub insulation – Heat saving benefits

'Closed cell' foam helps reduce your hot tub heating costs

The Canadian Spa Company manufacture hot tubs uses state of the art insulating technology to ensure that our customers get an amazing deal and a long term benefit.

Insulation in hot tubs is a very important feature of a hot tub it ensure a hot tub
remains efficient through its operation. Initial heating of a hot tub requires
energy and time thus making it costly. We aim to provide affective insulation
on our products so that when you use our spa you get the best, cost effective

Firstly it is very important to have a good quality hot tub cover. Heat rises, so it is
necessary to have an effective cover to trap the hot air inside the hot tub
when not in use. This ensures then that no heat is lost requiring extra money
and time with reheating (exactly when heating a house). One with good loft
insulation is more likely to save money heating their home than those without.
Canadian Spa Company uses 5inch tapered to 3 inch standard size for the foam
which we find to be much more effective than competitors who commonly use a
4inch to 2inch standard type. The type of foam used is one & a half pound
virgin foam as its density allows for excellent quality and heat retention, valuable
for keeping the heat locked in from escaping out of the hot tub cover.
Furthermore this foam is also significant in that it can withstand substantial
force rather than other foams which can break under slight pressure. To
complement the foam all our covers have a aluminium “C” channel (a
rod or spine down the centre) to reinforce its strength. Lastly the foam is
covered by a double vapour wrap which serves to ensure that no moistures makes
it into the cover or the product below, even if there is a slight tear. Thus it
can be said the insulation provided by our covers, is nearly second to none and
offers an unparalleled protection against the loss of heat, containing it and
ensuring the hot tub remains fully functional to the best of its capability.

The cover may be the most important insulation feature; however we also employ a
number of other insulation techniques to ensure ours spas perform well on all
levels and are effective to their owner. For example we insulate the shells of
the hot tubs, again using closed cell foam which has a high density to lock in
any heat that may occur through conduction. The small bubbles serve to trap any
heat escaping and send it back creating a moving cycle of conduction and
conversion, allow the heat to surround the hot tub and ensure everything
remains heated. If any heat does make it through the foam, there is added
insulation in the form of a silver padded foil lining on the shell of the hot
tub, which transmits the heat back inwards. This bouncing heat can then be
combined with the heat from the pump and is re-used to heat the water through
the jets ensuring that no heat is wasted as the air is drawn from the cabinet
back into system, known as a thermal reclamation system. This unique and
effective system ensures that there is heating even in harsh weather, making
our spas durable and efficient.

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