Hot Tub Myth #102 – A raised-floor hot tub base doesn’t require a flat surface

A common question asked by customers is “do I need a base for my spa to rest on”? Many competitors advertise that their unique base doesn’t require a flat surface for the spa to lie down on, and that its “raised-floor” is sufficient enough for the spa. Our recommendation at the Canadian Spa Company is to use a flat, level surface 3”-5” thick below the spa to keep it level during operation (see our spa base construction here). A level spa is crucial for correct functionality because a spa depends on proper circulation to operate correctly. If the spa is tilted at all, the pressure sensors inside will have a hard time reading the circulation, and this can cause problems in the future as the equipment can malfunction. Be sure to always use a flat, level surface for positioning your spa to keep it running for its complete life cycle.
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