Hot tub not heating

If the spas heater has failed, the majority of the time it will trip the RCD breaker. If the spa is not heating and has not tripped the breaker, please follow these steps:

  • Check the control panel for diagnostic messages. Refer to your spa models diagnostic messages in your Hot tub Manual.
  • Check water set temperature at control panel.
  • Check for dirty filters. Clean if necessary.
  • Check “heating mode” the spa is set in. Heat mode should be in “std”(Standard).
  • Check the control panel for heater light indicator and / or thermometer icon. If the light is on or the indicator icon is moving, the spa should be heating. Wait a reasonable amount of time (approximately 1 hour) to see if the water temperature is changing.
  • Check to make sure that the pump is primed and all slice valves are open.
  • Reset power to the spa at the RCD breaker.
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