Hot tub Q&A

Q1: How often do I have to empty the water?

A: Every 3 to 4 months dependent on usage

Q2: Does the tub need to be plumbed in?

A: No. Just filled with a garden hose. Note: Do not fill with hot water.

Q3: Will it work on a standard household 13amp (15amp in North America) socket?

A: Some spas do and some require a dedicated supply running out from your main consumer unit (fuse box) so please check on each spa of its electric requirements. Be sure to plug directly into a wall socket via an RCD (a Residual Current Device is a safety device that switches off electricity if there is a fault and provides additional protection against electric shock)or GFCI in North America. Note: Do not use an extension cord to connect power to hot tub

Q4: Do I need to add chemicals?

A: You will need some form of sanitiser to keep the water clean and fresh. Most use Chlorine

Q5: Does it need a solid base? 

A: Yes, either concrete, patio or well-built deck (must be level ) and a minimum of 4 inches (10cm.) thick.

Q6: Do they go up on their side for delivery

A: Yes, we require an opening not less than the width of your spa (see dealer for current sizes) plus at least 40cm in height to allow for the trolley and a minimum of 5cm clearance on each side for adequate access

Q7: Is the temperature variable?

A: Yes, by the top side control. No more than 40 degrees C (104F). 35-38 C (95-100.4F) is preferable. 

Q8. How often do you turn it on?

A: You leave it plugged in continuously. The thermostat will regulate the temp and only turn it on when needed. When you want to get in the spa the ‘Jets’ button will turn the jets on and override the thermostat.

Q9. Can it overheat?

A: No, there is a temperature override feature.

Q10: Does it have a lid?

A: Yes, Solid, thermal cover with side straps. Folds in the middle to allow easy removal. There are cover removing devices called cover lifters to aide cover removals.

Q11: Can you turn the jets off individually?

A: Yes, just twist, but don’t turn them all off as you will cause a blockage which will damage the system.

Q12: Can they be used through the winter?

A: Yes, in fact many customers use their spas more in the winter

Q13: Can they be used indoors?

A:Yes but consult a structural engineer to determine if the foundation will adequately support the spa and that there is sufficient ventilation 

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