Hot tub safety

Please take proper safety precautions around the your hot tub in order to prevent accidents, especially if you have children.

Safe location

Do not locate your spa underneath any overhanging wires and keep it clear of any electrical appliances.

Try to position your spa away from any overhanging trees as small debris (such as pine needles) can become lodged inside the jets, causing damage to the equipment.

Take extra care around your hot tub as these areas can become wet and slippy.

Electrical installation

IMPORTANT: The electrical wiring of a hot tub must meet the requirements of any applicable local codes. The electrical circuit must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Your hot tub must be permanently connected (hard wired) to the power supply (except for plug and play spas). No plug-in connections or extension cords are to be used in conjunction with the operation of the spa.

The electrical circuit supplied for the hot tub must include a suitable Residual Circuit Device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30 mA.

Ensure all electrical wiring from the power supply is securely fed to the hot tub. Feed the supply power cable through the side of the spa or from underneath the unit. Use the appropriate cable gland to secure the power supply to avoid an injury or tripping hazard.

Accessibly to children

You should be able to monitor the use of the spa from the home to prevent unauthorised use by children; you may want to enclose the spa with a fence or a self latching gate to prevent unauthorised use.

Do not allow children or anyone to jump into a spa as this could cause injury or damage your spa.

Hot tub cover

In gardens, children are often  oblivious of things around them and can lose sight of safety precautions. A good hot tub cover will prevent accidents around water. Make sure your hot tub has a cover on at all times when not being used. Our covers have carry handles and safety straps with locking keys Take a look at our line of hot tub covers to find one that works for you.


Watch children in hot tubs. Unlike adults, children cannot handle long periods of heat. Their small bodies overheat quickly, even if they do not show obvious signs of over heating.

When in the hot tub with your kids, keep track of time and make sure they take breaks from the hot water. Give them plenty of water to drink in order to prevent dehydration.


Disinfecting your spa water means killing the harmful bacteria and keeping the water clean.

  • Always add chemicals to water never add water to chemicals.
  • If you are on medication consult a doctor before using the spa.
  • Because of high water temperatures, pregnant women and small children should use caution.
  • Ensure all chemicals are locked away when not in use


Hot water is an ideal medium for spreading infection. People with open wounds should not use the hot tub.


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