Hot tub/spa model and serial number

Hot tub Model/Serial Identification panel on side of spa

Hot tub Model and serial number – Before you contact the Canadian Spa Company regarding your spa, make sure that you have the spa’s fabrication date, spa model andserial number to hand in order to make the process easier. These numbers will be required for any service that needs to be performed on your spa and allows us to find out exactly which model you have.

In case you need to replace or repair a component part on your hot tub the following information will assist you identify the key component(s):-

Control Pack label (Balboa) - On every system, an identification label is placed on top of the casing. Quote Part number and Model number.


Heater tube label (Balboa) - Heater element specifications are shown on the heater tube label. Quote kW size and Part number.



DANGER: Risk of electric shock. Before working with any electrical connections, make certain that the Main Power breaker from the house breaker box has been turned off. WARNING: All electrical work must be performed by a qualified electrician and must conform to all local codes.

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