Hot tubs – indoors or outdoors?

Hots tubs are a great place to relax and unwind and you’ve deicided your interested in one at home – but where to put one is your next question.
In this blog we go over the pros and cons of both situations, however both are very feasible options.
Firstly when putting a spa indoors the first thing you need to consider is dehumidification. This is because when the spa is kept hot it will throw off lots of steam. Also it is also advisable to think about the flooring near the spa as this may become slippery when wet as guests get in and out of the spa. However with good ventilation, a dehumidifier and adequate flooring a Canadian Spa hot tub could be a very welcome addition to your home.
For outdoors all the problems of humidity go away , as long as you have an adequate base of either an existing patio or concrete base you are good to go. Some users may opt for a gazebo for privacy however this is completely optional as the tubs are designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters. 

If you need any advise on where to put your spa and the requirements feel free to contact us on 01293 824 094 and we’d be happy to help.

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