How to replace a speaker on a Canadian Spa Hot Tub (Toronto Model)

TOOLS NEEDED: Drill, Wire cutters, 5A Connection Strip x 2, Small flat screwdriver, insulation tape.

IMPORTANT: SWITCH OFF ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BY DISCONNECTING THE PLUG AT THE SOCKET OR ISOLATION SWITCH. Please contact a qualified electrician if you need assistance or contact us at Canadian Spa

STEP 1 – Remove panel next to faulty speaker

STEP 2 – Unplug white plug to speaker light

STEP 3 – Cut Red wire and Red/Black wires to speaker

STEP 4 – Using body of speaker unscrew by turning anti-clockwise (Note: the nut is ‘silliconed’ in place’)

STEP 5 – Screw in new speaker using body to tighten – removing nut and using fixed nut to spa until tight.

STEP 6  – Remove insulation from speaker wires and join using 5A connection block (Red to Red and Black/Red  to Black/Red)

STEP 7 – Insulate tape wires and block before reassembly

STEP 8 – To re-assemble reverse the above sequence: Steps 3 to 1

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