Install your own hot tub

Do you relish the thought of preparing the ground for large hot tub installation not forgetting the cost of the electrical wiring.

Here’s how you install your own hot tub:

Take plug and Insert into your ordinary 13 Amp household socket

These hot tubs plug into a normal wall socket to offer a no hassle solution – so that you can install them easily and without the need for an electrician.…it’s called Plug &Play.

Suitable for old and young alike this spa brings you the experience of a full feature spa for a fraction of the cost.


  • If you’re renting your property you can enjoy your Muskoka
    plug and play spa at home and take it with you to your next house.
  • With the Muskoka spa you use the existing 220-230 Volt 13
    Amp electrical circuit saving money compared to larger hot tub electrical
    installations which require special electrical/amperage set-ups.
  • The Muskoka is transportable – just pack it into a small,
    trailer or people carrier and take it with you on your next holiday or camping
  • The small size of this spa means it can fit into tight
    spaces or properties with limited access or space.

For customers who want a small affordable hot tub that can
be installed and moved easily the Muskoka is one of
the best quality portable spas available on the market. 

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