Jets make a difference

The jets in a hot tub

Canadian Spa Company carefully designs and places each jet to maximize your spa experience. Using the newest and most innovative jet systems available, featuring stainless steel ball-bearing movement for smooth adjustable pulsating massage. We use only the best components from the worlds leading manufacturers. From vigorous to relaxing, neck to feet … specialised jets deliver supreme enjoyment!

How jets work

Air is mixed with the water by using the air controls creating a gentle to most vigorous massage. Water flow is adjusted by simply turning the outer face of the full sized jets. Our hot tubs have a combination of pulsating, rotating, and directional adjustable jets.

Diverter valve control

On most spas there is a large diverter valve control located on the topside of the spa, this valve physically diverts the flow of water from one jet zone of the spa to the other – enabling more jet power being diverted to one or more occupants giving them a more powerful massage .

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