Keeping your spa water clean and when to change your water

The more people who use a spa the more impurities such as perfume and deodorant are deposited in the spa which leads to foaming and cloudy water - which means that you need to either clean your spa water or change the water.

As the hot tub water gets older you will notice your filter may need to be cleaned more often. The filter is trapping the partially dissolved solids that can reduce the energy efficiency of the hot tub’s heater – so clean the filter with Filter Cleaner as directed on the bottle.

Spa Ball:

Buy a Spa Ball to help cut down grease, foam and other particles in the hot tub. The Spa ball acts like a filter before the filter and will prolong the life of the filter cartridge.

Test your water:

It is recommended that you check your spa water regularly and if the water stays in balance, you should aim to change your spa water every 3 to 4 months. If you have consistently cloudy water, grit, or an odour develops, it’s time to drain the water.

Spa Vac

Once the water has stopped flowing out of the drain valve, use the wet/dry vacuum to suck out any remaining water from each jet head (NOTE: If your spa is equipped with a blower, briefly turn the power to the spa back on and run the blower for 10 seconds to remove excess water. Shut off the power when finished).

Clean jets:

Once you have drained we recommend cleaning your spa jets with a little diluted bleach to get rid of any dirt and grime.

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