Microban antibacterial protection?

High temperatures and a wet environment can make an unprotected hot tub surface and spa filter a target for the growth of bacteria. But now there’s a simple solution – look for pool and spa filters and hot tubs that offer Microban® antimicrobial product protection. 

What is Microban antibacterial product protection?

Microban antibacterial protection is an odourless, colourless, tasteless and non-toxic ingredient used in a variety of household products to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odours.

How does Microban antibacterial product protection work?

Microban antibacterial protection is incorporated into LUCITE during its manufacturing process. That makes Microban protection a durable part of the spa, both inside and at its surface. Microban protection intercepts stain and odour causing bacteria at the spa’s surface and inhibits
their growth.

Long lasting protection

Microban protection is not a coating on your spa but has been molecularly built into the LUCITE cast acrylic surface. Microban antibacterial protection will not wash off or wear away, even through cleaning or abrasion

Do I still have to clean my spa?

Yes it does not replace the need for normal cleaning practices and water treatment chemicals

Our new filter cartridges  with Microban antimicrobial technology filter out contaminants and inhibits the growth of bacteria – making sure your water is always perfectly clear, clean, & pure.

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