Muskoka Portable Spa – Installation advice /Technical

Installation advice:

  • Locate your spa on a clean surface, sweep away all debris.
  • Your new spa must be placed on a flat and level surface, not grass or gravel. The area must be at least as big as the spa.
  • Ensure the area you install it in can accommodate up to 661lb/ft2,300kg/m2
  • Do not locate your spa in a low water run off area as flooding of the control unit will damage the unit.
  • Do not locate your spa near overhead wires or electrical devices.
  • Make sure the home fixed connection box is more than 3.5m/12ft away from the hot tub.
  • Plan the location of your control unit for best access to power. Ensure you allow sufficient space for storage of your cover or optional cover lifter

INDOOR – Special requirements for indoor installation:

  • The spa must be accessible to an adequate drainage system for overflow water and drainage.
  • The spa must be installed in a ventilated area to minimize the humidity caused by hot water. To avoid any furniture or articles damaged by moisture, please check before installation and keep them away from the area.

Set-up Instructions:

NOTE: Please select a setup site which strictly conforms to the above guidelines. Spas installed on an inadequate surface may result in property damage or serious injury and may also invalidate the warranty.

Technical specification:

  • Seating capacity: 5 – 6 adults
  • Dimensions: 74 in x 74 in x 29 in /
  • 188 cm x 188 cm x 73 cm
  • Dry weight: 190 lb / 86 kg
  • Filled weight: 3500 lb / 1800 kg
  • Water capacity: 423 gallons / 1500 litres
  • Spa shell: Reinforced heavy duty vinyl
  • Spa cabinet: Insulated Rigid Composite Panels – maintenance free
  • Jets: 130 massage jets
  • Pump: Circulating pump – continuous duty
  • Blower: 1.5 HP   air blower
  • Heater: 1.940 kW high output Europe
  • Filtration: Pressure filter with replaceable filter media
  • Control panel: Digital control system
  • Cover: Lockable tapered hard top cover
  • Booster seats: 2 water filled booster seats
  • Electrical requirements: – Europe: 230-240V / 13A / 50 Hz
  • Step: Optional step
  • Cover Lifter: Optional Cover lifter
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