My spa keeps on bubbling even after I turn off the jet controllers

1. Ensure 'O' Ring is in place. 2. Close Aromatherapy valve tightly

Aromatherapy involves using the power of smell to enhance health and well-being, and heal illnesses. Hot tubs are meant for relaxation. When aromas supplement the warm water, the effect dramatically enhance your spa experience.

Our aromatherapy system has two methods of infusing your spa with aromatherapy
scents (1) spas in blowers will use the blower, to inject the air pass the
fragrant beads and (2) spas without blowers directly uses the air from the jets
to infuse scents into the spa.

The link between the air venturi of the water jets and the aromatherapy valve it
may cause air to come out of the jets while the air valve is closed on one side.

Aromatherapy beads – which you add to your spa’s valve/dispenser. If you
leave this valve open it or if the associated ‘O’ ring is missing this can
cause air to come out of the jets.


My spa keeps on bubbling even after I turn off the air jet controller(s).


1. Aromatherapy valve not closed properly

2. ‘O’ ring not fitted to aromatherapy valve or ‘O’ ring needs


1. Make sure your Aromatherapy valve is closed tight – if it is open
it will still be drawing air and causing the spa water to bubble.

2. Also please ensure the valve has the ‘O’ ring in place – if not
this will also cause the spa to continue bubbling

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