New Microban Silver Ion hot tub filters


New filter pleats with 100% Polyester core + 100% Microban sheath

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new superior quality Microban filters with silver ion* providing an added level of defence that keeps your filter cleaner between cleanings.


Our new filters are made in the USA by Reemay® with Microban® antimicrobial protection the most advanced media available to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi that can cause fouling of the filter cartridge.

With the Microban brand, you know you’re getting continuous, durable and effective antimicrobial protection that provides an added level of defence against damaging bacteria for the useful lifetime of your spa filter.

* Using silver as an antimicrobial has been used throughout history for its antimicrobial properties. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese used silver for food and water storage, utensils and drinking vessels. The Microban® portfolio of antimicrobial silver technologies includes a new line of third generation silver-based technologies which are more efficient, cost effective and will help keep your products cleaner and fresher for longer. Using silver as an antimicrobial agent can protect products from deterioration and will help prevent the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria.

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