What are Plug & Play spas?

What are Plug & Play spas?

These tubs plug into a normal wall socket to offer a no hassle solution to install them easily and without the need of an electrician. Attached to the plug is an included RCD to protect the spa and the electrical circuit from unforeseen circumstances. Make sure that the spa is the only load on the circuit when plugged in. 

Note: Please fill your hot tub with cold water before you switch on the power.

 Benefits of a  Plug & Play HOT TUB

  • Easy to install – just plug in and start using your spa straight away! – There is no electrician required!
  • Energy efficient
  • Lower Maintenance 
  • Portable and easy to relocate

Our Plug & Play Models:

We offer a range of different spa models with different sizes to comfort your needs. Here are some of our Plug & Play Models:

Swift Current V2 Portable Spa

The Swift Current 2nd generation portable spa allows to be placed virtually anywhere. There are no tools required for the assembly and it can be completed in just 15 minutes by almost anyone. With its 29-inch depth, this spa is suitable especially for adults or tall people as they can submerge their shoulders fully into the water and relax.

Yukon 16 jet 2 person spa

This roomy but small spa is packed with all the features of a full size spa. The Yukon fits almost any location and it easily accommodates 2 adults. Designed for customers who want a big spa in a smaller package the Yukon offers all the benefits and therapy of a large spa in a less obtrusive package. 


 Winnipeg 35 jet 5-6 person spa

The Winnipeg model is one of our bigger spas and accommodates 5-6 people. It is perfect for families or to invite friends over. You can customise the pressure of the 35 jets that target legs, calves, feet and your back. 


To view all Plug & Play hot tubs please click here. There's always a suitable model for everyone!


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