Removing the heater from a hot tub

IMPORTANT: SWITCH OFF ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BY DISCONNECTING THE PLUG AT THE SOCKET OR ISOLATION SWITCH. Please contact a qualified electrician if you need assistance or contact us at Canadian Spa

Keep the lower nut from turning by supporting it with another end-wrench

Remove both nuts that secure the element in place.

Water under pressure in the plumbing may splash out, and onto the system’s electronic board. Do not remove the system door until the water has been drained from the heater assembly tube.

  1. Turn off the main power.
  2. Close off the slice valves (or, ball valves) adjacent to the heater assembly.
  3. Once the valves are closed, slowly crack the heater assembly end tubes until water flows out. If the connectors are on too tight, it may be necessary to loosen the Phillips screws that hold the connectors together. Once the water has been drained, continue.
  4. Remove the system door cover.
  5. Remove the nuts securing the copper straps to the heater assembly’s terminal connectors. Be sure to use a supporting end wrench on the lower nut. Otherwise, excessive torque may be occur on the straps and put undue stress on the PCB.
  6. Remove the heating assembly sensor wires and replace if necessary.
  7. Remove both nuts that secure the element in place.
  8. Remove the heater assembly.
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