Shipping your Haliburton mothership

The Haliburton/Muskoka hot tub was developed with portability in mind, and conveniently has all of the electrical components located together on (what we like to call) the “mothership”. This mothership contains the vital elements that power your spa, and therefore needs to be packaged carefully if you have to ship it back to us for repair. As the mothership can be quite large, please be sure to supply a big enough box to enclose the entire unit in, with plenty of room for the frame. The pipes are very fragile, and can easily be damaged during shipping. Be sure to properly encase them in bubble wrap as any damage from shipping is not covered by Canadian Spa Company. Filling the gaps with either packing peanuts or packaging paper can further protect your mothership from damage. When the box is all packaged up, be sure to attach a cover letter with your name and address on it for us to properly receive it.
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