Single pump Vs Twin pump spas

When looking to buy a hot tub there is a huge price distinction between a single pump and twin pump spa. The question most people ask is 1) why? and 2) is the price difference worth it?
Firstly addressing why, because the components that make up the innards of the spa are the major cost drivers of the spa manufacturers adding an extra pump most of the time not only adds significant costs with another pump but generally need an upgraded pack system. Adding these components can quickly shift you from 5-6K to 8-10K.
To address what the worth of this is- you need to ask yourself what the main purpose of buying the hot tub is? If you want to have all your guests enjoy a deep tissue massage all at the same time or be able to shift from seat to seat without altering the settings the price premium may be worth it.
However many people will find that if the are just looking for a family hot tub or a tub to enjoy with friends a single pump is more than enough.
A single pump spa specifically ones from Canadian Spa Company feature the ability to Hydro-thread – this enables them to split the power of the pump between the whole spa achieving a light soothing massage for all or to divert the power to one side for deep tissue massage alone or with a partner. In many cases due to the cost savings and the effectiveness of hydro-threading the single pump spas tend to be more popular among buyers.
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