Spa garden ideas – Gazebos

Spas under cover

Whether you want an elegant landscape in your garden, or you want privacy when you soak on the tub, you can surely gain all of it once you have installed a gazebo. Some of the available features of a hot tub gazebo could be the partial walls or sliding walls for added obscurity. Another great thing with having a gazebo is that it acts as a shield against the outdoor elements like rain, snow, hail, and minimizes the sun’s strong rays. Also, hot tubs underneath a gazebo can be used any time of the year.


At Canadian Spa our hot tub gazebos come in a range of styles to enhance your garden and to give you the privacy that you need.

Canadian Spa Fraser Wrap Gazebo 

The Frazer Gazebo exudes style. It has louvre panels and a bar, and has a multitude of uses in the Garden. It has a maintenance-free Polycarbonate roof with four bar stools included.

Thatched gazebos

Thatched gazebos are practical and combine robust construction with natural charm providing a focal point for your garden whilst creating privacy for your hot tub.

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