Spa hot tub chemical guide: Disinfection

Disinfecting your spa water means killing the harmful bacteria and keeping the water clean.

CHLORINE:  Chlorine in tablet or granular form is best suited for outdoor spa use. Spa Tabs are 90% available chlorine and offer a continual slow release of disinfectant. Tabs require a feeder or skimmer basket to dissolve. Always maintain a level of 3–5 p.p.m. of available chlorine by adding one half ounce (15gm) per 250 gallons(1000 litres).

BROMINE: There are two common types of bromine systems available. Organic bromine tablets and the two part liquid bromine program. Bromine tablets are convenient and require a skimmer basket or feeder to dispense the disinfectant. The two part bromine systems can be added directly and immediately to the spa. Make sure the bromine level is 3–5 p.p.m. using Sanifect and Generate as directed.

SHOCK TREATMENT: After using your spa, body oils, perspiration, hair and dirt accumulate which can turn your spa cloudy. Periodic shock treatments with SPA SHOCK will oxidize these organic contaminants. SPA SHOCK is compatible with both Chlorine and Bromine disinfectant systems.

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