Cover lifter

The benefits of owning a cover lifter

Did you just buy a hot tub and are totally over the moon? Or are you interested in buying a hot tub and wonder why you should also consider a cover lifter?

A hot tub ads value to your garden, makes it look like a relaxation oasis. By establishing a spa routine you feel much more relaxed. You have a good reason to invite your family and friends over. The list could go on… In fact, owning a hot tub has a lot of advantages.

However, you might realize one thing that can get quite annoying: The cover is heavy and it is a long procedure to take it off your spa - or in reverse - to put it back on.  

If you know this scenario very well, you should consider the benefits of owning a cover lifter - it's THE solution that makes everything easier!  Most hot tubs already come with a cover included – these represent excellent value whilst keeping your spa warm and protecting your spa in adverse weather conditions. So why not make your spa preparation easier by making cover removal and replacement a quick, one-handed operation while reducing wear and tear on your hot tub cover.

At Canadian Spa we offer a range of cover lifters to make the ‘lifting’ easier and your ‘enjoyment’ last longer. Currently we offer two variations:

  • A Top Mount Cover Lifter  and
  • A Bottom Mount Cover Lifter 


Both are illustrated in the following images:


Bottom Mount Cover Lifter             Top Mount Cover Lifter


    With the Bottom Mount Cover Lifter your cover will be held closer to the floor whereas with the Top Mount Cover Lifter your cover is further away from the ground, reaching up higher from the top of the hot tub. It’s up to you which model you prefer. 

     So what are the benefits of owning a cover lifter?

    •  No more struggling with heavy covers:

    As you don’t have to take the cover off and store it somewhere else, you will have no more struggles with its weight. Simply fold the cover in the middle (as shown in the image above) and pull it back to the side. The removal and replacement of your spa cover has never been easier. Using a cover lifter makes it a one-handed, two-second operation.

    • Protects your spa cover by keeping it damage and dirt free off the floor:

    This is a crucial aspect that you should bear in mind. Removing the cover and storing it somewhere to get it out of the way can be a huge mistake. The ground you place your cover on might be dirty or rough which results in the cover getting damaged. Furthermore, this can reduce the durability of your cover which, we're sure, is not in your interest. Therefore, a cover lifter extends the life and efficiency of your cover. And most of all, you will not have to worry about replacing a damaged cover with a new one. 

    • No more storage issues:

    For people with limited storage availability, a cover lifter is the perfect solution. You might think that you need almost as much space as the size of your hot tub for the removal of your cover. Well, that would be terrible! With a cover lifter you only need to make sure that you have enough space to store the folded cover halves on one end of your hot tub (see "max" on the image above). This means that you can fit your hot tub in a room where there is limited space.  

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