Things to consider before you purchase a hot tub cover

Hot tub covers come in different sizes and styles. Here are a few factors to look out for before you buy:

  • Measuring the cover size: This is a pretty basic measurement that requires you to measure from one edge to the other. TIP: Most covers can shrink over time due to variable weather conditions, and by ordering your cover 1″ larger in both dimensions you can accommodate for this change.
  • Determining the taper size: Cover manufacturers will require you to specify the taper (e.g. 5″/3″) that you would like to order for your cover. Tapered spa covers provide a natural slope to allow rain to run off the cover and prevent damage. This measures the thickness at the centre fold of your cover down to the edge. Thicker covers usually provide better protection from the elements, but will also be heavier to lift off in this case it is best to purchase a cover lifter (see photo above) which make slight work of removing your spa cover.
  • Spa skirting: Spa cover skirting (the extra flap around the bottom edge of the spa cover) is important to provide extra protection during the harsher winter climates. It also helps to stop debris from being blown up and under the cover by the wind. In addition the skirting provides the cover with extra heat retention, and helps to ensure that your hot tub keeps its temperature.
  • Make sure it comes with tie down straps: Tie down straps or locking clips are attached to each edge of the spa cover as a safety mechanism to stop children from entering the spa. This is a crucial feature for the customer as it protects the spa from unwanted use and keeps the cover in place.
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