Things you need to know before placing your hot tub

Make sure your spa is located for privacy as well as close access to the house, power, water and the best view possible.

  • The View.  Go to where you intend to site your hot tub and check the view you get – if you are not happy adjust your position until you like the view.
  • Distance from your back door.We don’t recommend positioning your spa too far away from the door of your house unless you like a long cold walk from the door to the hot tub.
  • Neighbours. Place your hot tub so that you cannot be overlooked by your neighbours and preferably you cannot see your neighbours. Positioning the spa next to a wall or natural screen such as a hedge is a good way to create privacy.
  • Cover Lifter. Our hot tubs already come with a cover included – these represent excellent value whilst keeping your spa warm and protecting your spa in adverse weather conditions, however why not make your spa preparation easier by making cover removal and replacement a quick, one-handed operation while reducing wear and tear on your hot tub cover. Read more.
  • Power. Typically you will need a dedicated 230v 32amp (amperage varies depending on hot tub specification) outlet close to the placement of your hot tub. Always use an electrician to connect electrics to your spa/hot tub.
  • Access to water. It is important to have a water source reasonably close to your spa and a hose to fill your hot tub.
  • Hard Level Surface. Ensure you have a hard level surface to place your hot tub on. A 4″concrete pad or sturdy decking is ideal.
  • Service access. Make sure that the key components like motors, plumbing valves and heaters are accessible behind the main access panel for servicing/repair purposes (See How to open your hot tub cabinet).

If you want to block out the direct sun, or enjoy your hot tub in inclement weather our Fraser gazebo is the perfect solution.

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