Variety and placement of Jets in hot tub

The true benefits of hot water therapy comes from the dilation of blood vessels, the relaxation and well-being gained from increased circulation, and the release of endorphins. The jets can provide an added bonus of “massage therapy” but are less important to the average hot tub owner.

Too much power can actually detract from your experience due to the extra noise of the pump and noise of rushing water, as well as due to the sensitivity that excessive massage in one spot can cause.

When looking to buy your hot tub, think of the trouble muscle areas that you may want to address and make sure that while sitting in the tub you will be able to address those issues. Do not think that you must address all issues in one seat because the reality is that it is too hot to stay in one spot, so it is normal for hot tub users to move from seat to seat during a hot tub session.

Make sure that each seat has a different number of jets and different placement so that as you do the “Circuit” (move from seat to seat), you eventually can see yourself hitting all spots that may need massaging.

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