What colour shells can I choose? Are there better colours than other?

When choosing your spa one of the first things you think of is which colour to go for. At Canadian Spa we have a wide range of colours to choose from however not all colours are equal. At Canadian Spa Co. we stock our most popular colour as standard, Silver Marble (white) the first advantage to this is you will receive your spa a lot faster with alternate colours taking around 6 – 8 weeks to produce. Next you have to think of what the water hardness is like in your area – darker colours such a black or dark blues which will look fantastic in a showroom, will show a spray of calcium along the water edge which can be very unsightly if unexpected.
Third you have to think about the LED illumination – darker colours will absorb the light where as ligher colours, white being the most reflective, will excentuate the effects of the lighting system even to the extent that your spa shell will appear the colour of the LED at night.
Finally we ask customers if they want the water to shimmer ( as like when sun hits pool water) if so darker colours probably wont be for you. To achieve this affect a pearl or silver marble shell is neccessary.

However although the discussion seems one sided the most important factor is the colour that suits you best, some people find white a bit harsh on the eyes and prefer a friendly colour such as Caribbean blue. If you dont mind the wait make sure to chose the colour you want – at Canadian Spa we recognise that whatever colour you choose you’ll have it for a good while. We’ll try and be as flexible as possible and if your interested in more colours just ask.

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