What does my hot tub Ozonator do?

Ozonators works by converting oxygen into ozone. When an air stream passes a corona discharge (CD) chip or an UV lamp – ozone is created. The airflow is created through a small tube mounted on the ozonator and on the airline of the hot tub. The flow created by the  pump creates a venturi suction, which draws oxygen through the ozonator. The oxygen is then transformed into ozone and added to the water, where it dissolves.

It is recommendable to activate the ozonator together with a filtration pump on a hot tub/spa.

For optimal sanitising effect ozone must be added as deep as possible in the hot tub. The venturi airspeed is optimal for creating ozone. Higher airspeed will reduce the lifetime of the ozonator and eliminate the effect.

Ozone improves both the water quality in your hot tub and also helps chemical sanitisers work more efficiently.

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