What happens when my hot tub freezes

When you are first filling up your hot tub, your topside control panel may flash with the message IC , which normally indicates that a potential ice condition is detected. As the water is probably very cold, this won’t be an issue, and should go away once the spa has heated up past 45°F/7.2°C

undo all the unions on the pumps and wait for a thaw. You could try running a hose into the spa and let it overflow, if it is in a position for that. If your lucky and you don’t need a site visit, fill it up.  Hot tubs fitted with a Balboa control system have a built in freeze protection

If the spa will not be used for extended periods in a location where there is likelihood of below freezing temperatures, the spa should be prepared as follows:

  1. Shut off power
  2. Drain spa of all water.
  3. If spa is equipped with a blower, turn on power and run the blower for 10 seconds to clean the air channels of water.
  4. Shut off the power
  5. Remove any remaining water with a sponge or wet dry Vacuum.
  6. Disconnect the inlet and outlet union to the Control Pack, and tilt the Pack, slightly to allow any remaining water to run out. Using a wet dry vacuum or similar product, vacuum any additional water out of the uncoupled lines, pack and pump heads.
  7. Remove the motors, pumps, electronics, and blowers and store them in a warm dry place to prevent moisture damaging the units. (Leave the TOPSIDE control in place and seal wire ends in plastic bag.
  8. Using a wet/dry vacuum, either suck water from each jet, and open line or blow water from each jet.
  9. Ensure Hose Bib (drain) is left open.
  10. Cover all open pipes from motors and control system with screen mesh to prevent debris from entering the system.
  11. Wrap spa/hot tub with hard cover (for added protection; cover spa with tarpaulin or Canadian Spa winter cover)

Note: Damage caused by moisture, condensation, and or an other problems arising from winterising your spa will not be covered under the warranty

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