What is the base of your spa made of?

The base of your spa is an often overlooked feature that helps provide stability and support for the entire structure. Some manufacturers advertise that they carry an “insulated” base which can be enticing at first, but isn’t all that worthwhile. These synthetic floorings are built with cavities within them that are filled with insulating foam for additional heat retention. There is some value in this additional insulation, but because warm air rises, the majority of the insulation effect will take place within the spa cover, and therefore the insulation within the base has little effect. They are also advertised as being “installed”, meaning you can place it on any flat ground and it will operate without any problems. What the customer doesn’t always know is that the equipment within a spa is very prone to vibration, and without a even, level ground the components will vibrate much more, causing an annoying sound and possible damage to the equipment.

Our spa base is made out of a flat piece of marine grade plywood that is coated with a special substance to resist any mould or fungus buildup underneath the spa for further protection. It is built with a timber frame to support the pressure of the spa equally across the entire surface of the base and keep the spa structurally sound. We also recommend that you place the spa on a 3”-5” thick flat surface (patio stones, deck, concrete slab, etc) to reduce any vibrations and keep the equipment running efficiently without any unwanted noise. Be sure to ask questions next time you are purchasing your spa to understand how it works and whether it is right for you.

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